Lendr Network

Meet the Lendr Team

Nathaji Metivier

CEO, Tech Lead, Founder

U.S.F. - Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology,
Focus: Information Security
• 11 Years of Involvement in Crypto/Web3
• 5 Years in Cybersecurity
• 3 Years in Crypto/DeFi Startups

George Papp

Operations Specialist

Brunel University London - Bachelor's of Science in Economics
• 2.5 Years Working in Web3
• Experience working at HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Nomura, and more

Penny Morales Shaw

Legal Counsel & Business Advisor

• 22 Years of Legal Experience
• 26 Years of Business Ownership Experience

Matt Metivier

Software Development Advisor

• 6 Years of Software Development Experience
• Experience Working at HP, Capital One, and more

Mikel Ayala

Strategic Web3 Advisor

• Chief Growth Officer at Atani Exchange
• Ambassador of the Solana Foundation
• Professor at College of Europe

Scott Murphy

Senior Web3 Engineer

B.S. in Computer Science, Concentration: Web Development
• 9 Years experience in software development


Community Moderator

Bring Ng

Senior Web3 Frontend Engineer

B.S. in Computer Science
• 9 Years experience in frontend development with a specialty in Web3

John Bush

Community Manager


Community Moderator


Community Moderator