Lendr Network

Lendr Trove Referral Program

Earn up to $50 for you and a friend!

How it Works

Step 1

Share Your Link

Sign up and invite your friends to use our platform using your unique referral link.

Step 2

Open Troves

You and your friend open troves (Try our quick start guide videos for help!)

Step 3

We Pay You Both!

Let us know and we send you and your friend tokens for trying our platform!

Network Payout

Bigger Troves = Bigger Reward!

The minimum trove size on each network is different so we are offering different rewards!


$25 for you and your friend!


$5 for you and your friend!


No! You can earn an unlimited amount based on your referrals! You just need to refer new friends each time.

Your payout will be sent to the wallet that you provide us. Rewards are sent in the form of Lendr reward tokens.

  • You simply have to refer real users who open troves on our platform. The troves must remain open for 7 days. 

    Please view the disclaimer in our whitepaper for any additional rules or requirements.

  • If you signed up for our trove referral program and referred a friend, and your troves have been open for at least a week, you should receive your payout in a few days.

    If there were many referrals it may take our team a little time to get through them all! 

To learn please visit our Youtube Channel to watch the Lendr Network FAQ Series or read our Documentation.