Lendr Network

Lendr Affiliate Program

Earn up to 50% from every user you invite to a Lendr Presale! And automatic whitelist spots!

How it Works

We have spent months building the Lendr project including our dapp, stablecoins, and revenue tokens. This is your chance to profit from our launches!

Step 1

Share Your Link

Sign up and invite your followers to our presale using your unique referral link.

Step 2

Your Followers Sign Up

Your followers sign up and buy into the upcoming Lendr presale.

Step 3

We Pay You!

We send you 15-50% of the profits from your followers purchases!

Payout Tiers

Refer 50 BNB Earn 50%!

You can earn more by inviting more users who buy! The more your referrals buy in the presale, the higher percentage you will earn!

Tier 1

1-5 BNB

Earn 5% of the profits from every user you refer!

Tier 2

5-10 BNB

Earn 15% of the profits from every user you refer!

Tier 3

10-20 BNB

Earn 25% of the profits from every user you refer!

Tier 4

20-50 BNB

Earn 35% of the profits from every user you refer!

Tier 5

50+ BNB

Earn 50% of the profits from every user you refer!

Example Payout

Referred 120 BNB

If you referred users who purchased a combined total of 120 BNB into our presale here is an example of your payout:

  • 120 BNB into the presale – 54% (to Pinksale and locked liquidity) = 55.2 BNB Profit
  • 55.2 BNB * 50% = 27.6 BNB Payout

Advertising Materials

We provide premade advertising material for all of our affiliates!

To make getting referrals even easier, we are providing free advertising materials to all of our affiliate partners!


No! You can earn an unlimited amount based on your referrals!

Your payout will be sent to you in BNB to the wallet that you provide to use in the Affiliate signup form.

You simply have to refer real users to buy into our presale! We require a minimum of 10 qualifying referrals who buy a combined 1+ BNB total to participate in the affiliate program.

If you signed up for our affiliate program and referred users, you should receive your payout in the days following the presale. Payouts start 1 week after the presale ends!

If there were many referrals it may take our team a little time to get through them all! 

Here are a few reasons to trust Lendr:

  • We are a doxxed team that has been working in the crypto space for the last 2.5 years. 
  • The team has completed multiple presales (44x and 40x on the previous Lendr launches)
  • Our code has been audited multiple times by Certik, Immunefi, Coinspect, and more.
  • We are a registered US company.
  • We host AMAs where you can chat with us all the time!

All affiliates automatically earn 2 whitelist spots in the presale they advertise for! 

To learn about the Lendr Network, please visit our Youtube Channel to watch the Lendr Network FAQ Series or read our Documentation.